The birds behind the hours


The other day I posted some very interesting information about Wilf Lovatt who was the first man to reach 20 hours. However, David Fuller brought to my attention that there was certainly a lot more information regarding this man's birds and his wonderful times. According to the obituaries of Albert Hartshorne, Wilf had flown some birds that were bred by Albert. The obituary stated: "Albert supplied Wilf with a lot of pigeons that he flew big times with, including one in the 20 hour kit". This is not the first time this sort of arrangement has existed and this is obviously something that often works.

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First to 20 hours

Photo of Wilf Lovatt standing by his loft.
Photo of Bob Funk and Wilf Lovatt standing in front of Wilf's Loft

Who was the first man to fly 20 hours in competition? I believe it was Wilf Lovatt of Stoke-on-Trent

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A Visit to Wilf Lovatts loft


The attached article from the 1972 APJ describes a complete visit to the loft of Flying Tippler Legend Wilf Lovatt. The story is told by Robert B Funk who many know as a known tipplerman himself from the United States. He writes from Florida. The article is very good and I recommend anyone to read it. Lovatts are a family of Tipplers that I flew in the late 80's and early 90's.

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Pigeon fanciers take on RSPB over killer hawks

Pigeon fanciers take on RSPB over killer hawks

Has anyone read this article? It's very good.

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Next ITF event

The registrations for the 14th ITF event are open and 7 of us are already in. 4 from the northern hemisphere, 3 from down there under. Considering the proportionate number of fliers here and there, the Aussies are on the top right now.
The upcoming ITF event is going to be held on the weekend December 20-21, 2014.

CNTU Show & Picnic

Visit the CNTU webpages at to learn more about the events taking place this summer in the CNTU

NTU Results now in for April 27th

Complete NTU results of the first old bird fly held on April 27th can now be found in the Official Results Forum area. One must be logged in to access full results.

International Fly

First international tippler fly for the 2014 season: Event: 2014 ITF Fly #1 / 12 Date: March 29-30, 2014 Sign up

New North American Record set!

Record Tippler Kit 18:19

A New North American Record of 18 hrs 19 mins was set this weekend of June 8, 2013 by Sikandar Bal.

Results of first NTU OB fly

Congratulations to Manny Fenton who has set another new record for the first fly of the season on March 31. If you'd like to see the full results, please visit the NTU Website


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