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Its a mystery


I let a kit of 4 out on Thursday it was lovely clear blue sky they were going for about 50 minutes I looked up there's one pigeon left flying so I assumed maybe a hawk had chased them and they went down to hide away . So I got the one remaining bird down
Sat waiting for there other 3 but they didn't show up . Thought there safe some where and will return next morning . Came home from work no sign and I haven't seen them since so unless a plane hit them I am really lost for answer's .

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Pigeon Review may 1980 Tippler Issue


I was looking through my old pigeon box the other day and found a copy of Pigeon Review May 1980 It is a Tippler Issue,Tons of great articles ,Lots of useful info on tipplers .I can make copy's if anyone wants one.

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Tippler Caps???


I have been noticing online and utube people having tipplers that have caps or shell crests on their heads,I dont recall the tipplers I ever seen having any type of crests at all,does anyone have more info on this ?Please inform me where that came from and has it been around for a while and I just never noticed ????

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Thoughts on Joe


Mom was going through the closets this weekend and came across a box of items that was gifted me from the late Joe Kelley. A lot of Joe's items were more of a fetish on tipplers throughout Great Britain. He had a stack of maps that were survey maps of Macclesfield, Manchester, Sheffield, etc. He used to think that in studying the weather of these areas that he was going to learn something profound from the guys that flew in these areas. A lot of the papers were correspondence between him and librarians or others that had access to weather maps and terrain maps.

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dont want to tempt fate.


I dont want to tempt fate but things a looking up my birds have been attacked by hawks so many times it seems there use to it , ive not lost a bird for two months now , when the hawk shows up they all split up go different ways and the hawk dont know which one two chase with 4 all going I different directions he gives up , ive been letting the birds out a bit later about 4pm , it seems the hawk has allready eaten so its been pretty quite I'll keep my fingers crossed but with dark nights coming in the birds will go out at lunch time when I get home from work ,

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help with feeding


Its obvious that the higher my birds fly the less chance they've got of escaping from the birds of prey , so can anyone recomend what corn I could give my birds so that they dont fly so high, at the moment there on depurative pilots go so high you cant see them , any help I would be gratefull,

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im running out of pigeons


Training a kit last week they were going very well when the biggest buzzard and the quickest ive ever seen took one just when I was about to get them down so that leaves me with 2 cock birds and 2 hens so I'll just keep going and see what happens with these 4 wish me luck think im going to need it.

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hawks are still here


I had a kit of 3 up today not for very long maybe half an hour the hawk took one its all getting to often now we should be allowed to protect our birds some how .it seems that there are just to many hawks and looks like there going to win against me and my pigeons but im not giving up yet.

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